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A4939G2 RIB (Pride)

Yields more milk per acre in Southern Alberta

LF730CBR (Maizex)

Yields more beef per acre in Southern Alberta

Pride Seed

Maizex Seed


Product Features:

  • Early flowering hybrid
  • Aggressive spring vigour
  • White cob for more palatable silage
  • Rapid grain setup

Agronomy Notes:

LF 730CBR has outstanding seedling vigour. Plants are tall with moderate ear placement. Plants flower early allowing rapid grain setup. Ears have 14-16 kernel rows with white cobs for increased palatability. Position in and north of maturity zone.

MZ 1340DBR

Product Features:

  • Ultra early flowering
  • Excellent grain quality and test weight
  • Open husk aids grain drydown
  • Adequate husk cover

Agronomy Notes:

Ultra early flowering hybrid with exceptional grain quality and test weight.  Industry leading early season vigour adapted for short seasons.   Plants are shorter in stature with a long narrow ear.  Husk cover is adequate.  Ears are held on a long shank which hangs at harvest.  Open husks at maturity aid rapid grain drydown.  Above average test weight.  Responds to increased population.  Adapted in and north of its maturity zone.  

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